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  • DGt GTS - Dark blue with tan Daytona interior. £42, ONO. Scroll down for full specification and more photos. Pre owned lovely GTS in excellent.

    The Ferrari Dino GT and GTS recreated with modern performance and reliability fantastic sound, acceleration and top speed leaving any original Dino or.

    You could drive something like this—a replica known as a “Karma GT.” These cars were built to resemble the much loved Ferrari Dino GT.

    I like the thought of having a cool looking classic car with modern running gear that I could use every day. It's a lot taller than the real thing. Diablo - it's not a great photo on Total headturners. Taking pride, attention to detail and professionalism are rare traits nowadays, however fortunately for me John has all three qualities.

    Cars For Sale | JH Classics - Ferrari Dino replica, DGT and DGT

    Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Latest News The real-life Forza Horizon festival. Shed of the Week: Latest Features The real-life Forza Horizon festival. Lancia Delta HF Integrale: PH Used Buying Guide. Latest Reviews Kawasaki H2: Browse cars for sale. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Prev of 2 2 Next. Diablos Original Poster 2, posts months. Hi, New to this section. I've attached a link to the car that has caught my eye. I love the look of classic cars but don't like the look of their premium prices or dodgy reliability.

    I like the thought of having a cool looking classic car with modern running gear that I could use every day. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this and suggestions on a decent builder to contact. The ultimate benefit of this conversion is no IVA to go through. I think their advertising is quite refreshing - they freely admit exactly what the car is and what it isn't - no pretentions or delusions.

    It's a lot taller than the real thing. The DGT has already been favourably reviewed in a couple of mags recently. I like the DGT but the price for the turnkey is higher than I had thought, especially when you can get a real Ferrari for a similar price: True, but then we get into the running costs arguments of course.

    The cheapest way in to 3. Very nice indeed don't price up the regular cambelt change though! I'm not a dino fanatic I just really like the look of the car and like the thought of driving a classic but with modern running gear and refinement. I'm after suggestions on who the best builders are really. FlossyThePig 3, posts months.

    Thanks for the link, although I'd prefer a coupe rather than a rag top. It also doesn't look as good in side profile as the one in the link to my original post. It looks like it's riding higher, shorter wheelbase etc The thing is, the picture of the car in my orignal post looks like it's been used by everyone. Would the car actually look as good as that? I keep reading horror stories about turnkey builds, it's really putting me off.

    Roman 2, posts months. I guess it looks pretty accurate and unless you park next to a genuine one Everything I have read about them has been good. If after 3 years it's worth 15k then it's the same as running a new car. I'm not convinced it would be though. Replicas like this aren't for me but I can see that it would be more interesting than driving a Mondeo.

    I think Toyota would get my money though for one of their new Coupes. Diablo - it's not a great photo on Total headturners. One of these is real, the other is a Deon GTB replica - you can tell but it's close enough for jazz and massively closer than the MR2 base which is more an evocation although a beautiful car in it's own right. The big give away with the Deon is the big centre tunnel in the cockpit which the real thing doesn't have Check the lock position and front wing indicator to confirm it's the same as the TH car - same body, just sitting higher and crap photo.

    Has the OP seen this? Why does the Deon bodywork droop at the front? It's the same at the back, but not as noticable. Paul Drawmer 3, posts months. It was such an "accurate" copy that the Ferrari lawyers couldn't be bothered to chase the manufacturer. I can't help with the windscreen but it would probably cheaper to buy a real Dino than spend the effort in modifying what you have.

    BodgeWerks - Shiny Red Ferrari Dino Replica!

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