Bmw door latch stuck

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  • The door latch that holds the door closed is stuck. I can move it with a screwdriver and some force, but it isn't functioning properly.

    I was cleaning my i and teh back right door latch that contacts the car door bolt is stuck. I moved - Answered by a verified BMW.

    The door lock of BMW is built using the latest technology, but it is also song to listen to on the radio while we were stuck in rush hour traffic.

    Any tricks to get back again? When you try to shut the door it will bounce abruptly and then stay open. Use the bend at the other end of the wire as a direction reference. This is because the striker that is supposed to be inside of the latch clasp is trapped outside while the striker bounces off of the backside of the clasp. I've been lurking these forums for years now.

    Door latch is stuck - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

    Door Lock Stuck - Fix with Pics!!! Although there are various things that can go wrong with the lock and outside handle carrier - a common problem can be caused by the door lock mechanism sticking due to corrosion of the moving parts where the cable from the outside handle carrier connects to the door lock. Pulling the outside handle causes the lock mechanism to move up but then it sticks in the up position and it's return spring does not reset it to the resting position when the handle is released.

    This situation leaves the inner lock mechanism in a position where neither the outside or inside handle can release the catch to open the door. Lubricating the sticking part involves accessing the door lock which of course involves removing the door card, side airbag and then the lock. Sounds a bit daunting but it's actually strightforward enough and the whole job took me about an hour not having done it before.

    Of course if the situation is as b above then the lock mechanism must be unstuck before the door can be opened to remove the lock. The good news is that it is possible to free the stuck mechanism without risking any damage or attempting to remove the door card with the door still closed!!! Once you know in your minds eye the whereabouts of the stuck parts within the door cavity - a little "keyhole surgery" is all that's needed to get the door open. You will need the following: Flat head driver to pry door card clips, window switch and footwell light.

    Spray on grease to lubricate the lock mechanism. I used a welding rod which is quite thin but also very stiff. A wire coat hanger should work just as well.

    Put a small right angle bend about 8mm on one end and mark the wire about 10 inches from this bend with some tape as a depth gauge. Bend the other end of the wire in the same or opposite direction so you can tell which way the other end is pointing when it's in the door. With the window open - the wire can be pushed down into the door cavity where the inner window channel cover ends. By pure chance, this entry point will drop the wire down exactly where you need it to go!

    Here is a link to the RealOEM parts diagram of the front door control. Part 1 is the focus of our attention. Here is a pic of the welding rod I prepared for the job and illustrates how far the wire will need to go down into the door cavity. Okay - let's get started!

    Open the window and insert the wire between the rubber channel cover and window frame as shown and push it down vertically about 9 to 10 inches with the bent end pointing towards the door jamb. Use the bend at the other end of the wire as a direction reference. Raise the outside handle slightly as you prod downwards with the wire. When you feel the handle being pulled back in as you prod down - you know the wire is hitting the right spot. Prod down frimly a few times and then try the inside handle to release the door.

    Persist with this method until the inner handle releases the catch and the door opens. I got the door open in about a minute. The following pics from inside the door will show you what you are aiming to achieve. Pic "A" shows the lock mechanism stuck in the raised position. Pic "B" shows the wire successfully pushing the mechanism down to it's rest position. The door can now be opened with the inside door handle.

    Pic "C" shows the wire as it rests on the now reset mechanism. Pic "D" shows the wire rising as the outside handle is pulled. Now that you have the door open, close the window and remove the door card as follows. First remove the upper trim as shown below and pop off the "Airbag" sign. Carefully pry up the window switch and disconnect the wiring as shown.

    DIY: How To Open Stuck Closed Door

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