2002 nissan frontier supercharged problems

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  • Hey all, newbie here with a question. I've tried searching; didn't see anything in the "Common Problems" thread or anywhere else specific to.

    I have a Frontier S/C. The supercharger has a rattle-type of noise in it. At first, I thought one of the idler bearings for the Serpentine.

    FACT! Nissan is the third in the Japanese automakers' rating (after Toyota and Honda) and the 8th in the world rating. The most popular car is Nissan Qashqai. The name "Qashqai" is taken from the name of the tribe living in Iran.

    Hello Nissan owners, If you have a S/C Frontier pickup truck and you here a KNOCKING noise from the engine. Even after the dealership replaced the supercharger. I do not .. I am original owner of a Nissan Frontier.

    Now at k it still runs great. I purchased nissan frontier xe and have had to do major repair on it. I bought the Nissan Frontier based solely on price. To see why, sign up below! It fits my needs perfectly.

    Any particular problems with SC? - Nissan Frontier Forum

    Proto Type — every thing in the wrong place like they said lets put everything wrong and hopefully used as a don't ever do this type Again this what not to do when building a truck gearshift right where window washers is aways cut them on putting it in gear!!!!!!!!!

    Unexciting — This truck serves its purpose as reliable transportation that gets you from point A to point B. We are disappointed with the fuel performance, but seems to be durable with over k on odometer.

    Our son primarily uses this vehicle and is handy when needing to transport cargo that would not fit in a van or deep trunk of a passenger car. Utility towing boats, transporting cargo, etc. Serves its purpose as a truck; has an extended cab.

    Not a practical back seat area in extended cab; sometimes hard to hear in the truck when on a cell phone; disappointed in fuel performance. Love My Nissan Frontier — I love this truck. It's my first truck and it's the absolute best. I was surprised at what good gas mileage we got when we drove up north from the Twin Cities and back. It's awful on gas in the cities. I've never felt safer in a vehicle before. This truck has taken me all over Texas due to my hobby of participating in mountain bike races across Texas.

    I plan to keep this truck till the day it dies. I currently have k miles on it and the AC has started to give me some small problems. Will be fixing that soon due to this Texas heat all year round.

    This truck still looks good and I am a very proud owner. Great small truck with adequate power and space for all my needs. I wish I had purchase the model with the factory roof rack. Rear end so light, loss of traction in rain or light snow. I was lucky to get over miles per tank. This truck also reguires premium fuel. Get past the fuel range and it was super dependable and a good looker.

    This is a strong little truck and i am sad to see it go. Handling is so predictable with no surprises when needing to turn or brake suddenly Car has a few squeaks but its part of being a truck. Its built very tough, appearance outside is pleasing, inside the cabin it is clean and looks good, not like a luxury truck, perfect truck for work and play, maintenance is inexpensive.

    One Bad-ass Little Truck — I love my truck! It isn't truly what I expected from a supercharged vehicle, but its a truck. The styling exaclty what I wanted. I had ridden in a friend's Desert Runner Frontier prior to buying mine, and fell in love. The attached stock photo is exactly like the one that I have, except mine has a sprayed-in bed liner and a black toolbox in the bed.

    I don't have any decals on the side of my bed. This is the fourth year that I've owned it. It certainly isn't the best as far as gas milage, but I feel good driving it.

    2003 Nissan Xterra Supercharged Knock Sensor Replacement Part 1

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